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Italgenia is a company focused on:

The projects of internationalization and the management of international markets on behalf of leading companies mainly in the furniture sector has allowed us to consolidate and implement the effectiveness of our methods in achieving important results that have created solid and lasting business relationship. The reasons are our actions that create a unique team between the companies and the top market players. At the base of our success 2 important characteristics: Presence and Permanence, the first guarantees stability and therefore confidence while the second the continuity of actions.

Our thirty-year experience has matured within the furniture chain, with a highly professional staff with a deep knowledge in all production processes and a perfect expertise of the Sub Supply Chain able to start processing the procurement from the costs of the raw materials processed. We have been candidates and selected by some groups, the most important in Dubai as consultants for the Italian products they need for large projects and in different sectors, such as Construction, Furniture, Hospitality, Security and others, managing both the development of technical features up to the supply of all items.